Services – Thermal Camera Inspection

As new technologies are developed, they become available in areas of use far from what they were originally developed for. Thermal Imaging, also known as infrared imaging, is one such technology. Originally developed during the Vietnam War to find enemy soldiers at night, it progressed to medical imaging, industrial testing and, finally, to the construction trades and building consultation. Horne inspectors, usually, can only report on what they can see. Thermal imaging gives a professional inspector the ability to see beyond the normally visible.

Professional home inspector, equipped with a thermal imaging camera and properly trained and certified in its use, can find problems with a house that a normal home inspectors cannot. These problems include:

- Water intrusion through the houses exterior covering, whether the house has brick, stone, stucco or siding.
- Improperly installed or settled insulation.
- Water leaks around windows and doors.
- Plumbing leaks inside the house, including leaking pipes, properly seated toilets, leaky shower pans and bathtubs at voter pipe condensation.
- Improperly insulated HVAC ducting that have not been ,properly sealed or that cause condensation dripping in attics and crawlspaces.
- Improperly installed or insufficient insulation in ceilings and walls.
- Leaking roofs, skylights, roof vent piping and roof vents.